Free Antivirus Software & Promotions

According to the recent survey by OPSWAT, free antivirus software are more widely accepted by the public. This is in contrast with paid antivirus software like McAfee and Trend Micro. As a matter of fact, Avast Software and AVG, which are known free antivirus software, are the most sought brands in the world to date.

Free antivirus software has been around the market for quite some time. But what makes them in demand all of a sudden? One of the main reasons is the decreasing number of consumers who are willing to pay for their computer’s protection and security. With a growing number of companies offering free antivirus software, why should we shell out lots of money for a protection that you can get for free?

Free Antivirus Software & Promotions

Has it ever occurred to you how antivirus companies make their money? The answer to that is simple: they employ the freemium model. In this kind of business model, companies give away their primary products at no cost while upselling their clients for premium items. For instance, a cellular company’s promotional offers and promotional products include a $1 brand new, top of the line smartphone. However, it can only be yours if you pay a subscription for a mobile plan. Basically, the smartphone does not come really cheap, but instead you are paying it in another way. The same principle applies to free antivirus software. You can get them for free, but you have to pay for an upgraded protection.

Free antivirus software company also makes bucks by loading your laptops and computers with toolbars and junkware. When you download and install the free software, your default search engine will be substituted with a search engine of their choice. They get money from the ads you click that appear on the results page of the search engine.

The toolbars that are installed on your computers or laptops also change your home page and your default search engine. This generates traffic to the websites that make bucks by promoting to you. Moreover, antivirus software monitors and collects data from your online searches and browsing habits. These companies sell your information and make lots of money from it.