Why do I only get a 30 days protection after I download and install the software?

Renew or subscription is required, and here is the steps how to Renew Norton 360.

1. You will get your product key within 24 hours once you purchased.(We will send you the key soon in most cases, but sometimes in order to prevent from the unauthorized pay for the payment safety, we will have to verify whether the payment is done by yourself. Anyway, it takes less than 24 hours, if any delay occur accidentally, please contact us by sending email to services@antivirusprice.co.uk)

2. Find Renew button on the software interface and click in.
Renew Norton 360

3. Then click I have a key or code to enter

Norton 360 renewal

4. Enter Norton 360  product key (we will email you the key as we mentioned above ), and then click Next, then you have finished Norton 360 renewal.

Norton 360 renewal

5. Note: After you enter Norton 360 Product key, your trial protection or your residual protection from your old Norton will be expired. So we recommend you to Renew Norton360 after trial days or your old Norton protection due.

Question 2 How to get the software I’ve purchased?

You can log in your account¬† and find your purchase history, and the download button is there. You also can download it by clicking “Download Norton ” , but please pay attention to download the very software you’ve purchased, otherwise, you will not be able to activate it. For example, if you buy Norton 360 here, and you have to download Norton 360.

Question 3 How to install the software in my computer?

Double click the file you’ve downloaded. The installing step is almost the same. Now we just take Norton 360 for example and illustrate how to install it.

Step 1 Double click the file you’ve downloaded, and keep it completely installed. If you are new users, please fill in your email addess and then click NEXT button.
how to install Norton 360 V6

Step 2 Complete your purchase information and then click NEXT button

Creat a Norton Account
Step 3 Click Finished button and then you will have a 30 days free trial.

install and creat Norton account finished

Question 4 Why is the Norton installed in another computer not English version?

1. Download Norton removal tool first, and run it to uninstall Norton, and then restart your computer.
2. Download the software from our website (Refer to Question 3 above)
3. Activate it. (Refer to Question 1 above)