Porn Site Viruses: Virtual STDs

Porn Site Viruses: Virtual STDs

More often than not, people rely on porn websites whenever they feel like getting off. Having said that, Internet users should be extra cautious when visiting their favourite adult-themed sites, as virtual sex can be just as dangerous as unprotected sex with multiple partners. Even if you are pleasuring yourself with the help of the Internet, there is always the risk of “contracting” a serious virus while releasing all those sexual tension. These porn site viruses: virtual STDs can rip you off with thousands of dollars from your bank account, get your personal information, and damage your laptop or personal computer.

Even if you have installed an adult antivirus, one can never tell when you will be attacked by porn site viruses: virtual STDs, or if your existing antivirus software can protect you from malware attacks, keyloggers, spyware programs and other computer viruses.

Porn Site Viruses: Virtual STDs

When you have your computer brought in for repair and restoration to a computer technician because of malware and viruses, he/she will know that your problem is a result of downloading infected files and/or visiting pornographic websites. As per a Conrad Longmore research, xHamster, Redtube, PornHub and other porn websites can infect your devices. This being said, these websites do not host the viruses per se, but cyber criminals target the visitors via malicious advertisements. As a result, these adverts lodge harmful files without the visitors knowing it.

As per Tech Fruit, Windows users are the primary victims of these malicious files and software since they comprise the lion’s share of Internet users. However, Mac users should not feel too comfortable, as they are still susceptible to computer viruses and should institute preventive measures.

How Porn Site Viruses: Virtual STDs Put Your Security and Privacy at Risk

Porn websites are teeming with malware and other malicious software. For instance, Hamster was busted for passing on a ransomware through Sex Messenger adverts. Internet users who clicked these advertisements, either by accident or intentionally, are tricked into downloading dangerous files on their computers. When your system has been infected with a ransomware, the virus will block your PC and accuse you for doing various illegal  computer-related activities. And the only way to unblock your PC or laptop is if you pay a certain amount.

PornHub and YouPorn also contain malicious codes, which are known to distribute ransomware and Trojan horse. For you to avoid these cyber threats, the best course of action is to install a reliable antivirus software that will protect you from computer viruses. If you already have an existing security measure, make sure that you regularly update these tools and software.

Free Antivirus Software & Promotions

According to the recent survey by OPSWAT, free antivirus software are more widely accepted by the public. This is in contrast with paid antivirus software like McAfee and Trend Micro. As a matter of fact, Avast Software and AVG, which are known free antivirus software, are the most sought brands in the world to date.

Free antivirus software has been around the market for quite some time. But what makes them in demand all of a sudden? One of the main reasons is the decreasing number of consumers who are willing to pay for their computer’s protection and security. With a growing number of companies offering free antivirus software, why should we shell out lots of money for a protection that you can get for free?

Free Antivirus Software & Promotions

Has it ever occurred to you how antivirus companies make their money? The answer to that is simple: they employ the freemium model. In this kind of business model, companies give away their primary products at no cost while upselling their clients for premium items. For instance, a cellular company’s promotional offers and promotional products include a $1 brand new, top of the line smartphone. However, it can only be yours if you pay a subscription for a mobile plan. Basically, the smartphone does not come really cheap, but instead you are paying it in another way. The same principle applies to free antivirus software. You can get them for free, but you have to pay for an upgraded protection.

Free antivirus software company also makes bucks by loading your laptops and computers with toolbars and junkware. When you download and install the free software, your default search engine will be substituted with a search engine of their choice. They get money from the ads you click that appear on the results page of the search engine.

The toolbars that are installed on your computers or laptops also change your home page and your default search engine. This generates traffic to the websites that make bucks by promoting to you. Moreover, antivirus software monitors and collects data from your online searches and browsing habits. These companies sell your information and make lots of money from it.

New Computer Networking Technologies

New technologies are bringing us all together to achieve more in less time. They are revolutionising the way we do business and what businesses can achieve within their infrastructure framework. The ability to share more across so many new platforms is a very exciting development in this sphere. With servers and the cloud now operating in perfect harmony within several of these networking technologies, life is looking rosier for business efficiencies across the board. No business can really afford not to have intranet linking the various platforms necessary to do business in the twenty first century.

New Computer Networking Technologies

Take Microsoft’s SharePoint technology as a leading example of what the future holds, and in many instances, what can be accessed right now. SharePoint Online will combine with the resuscitated SharePoint On-Premises to allow hybrid Sharepoint environments to flourish; even beyond the SharePoint Server 2016. One Drive and SharePoint will be firmly integrated so that you and your employees can effortlessly move between these platforms. One Drive will be accessed through your browser, with an information window for One Drive for Business.

Mobile interfaces will put your intranet in the pockets of your employees, wherever they are doing business. Reaching your network will never be easier and more fruitful for doing business on the road. Data Loss Prevention is always an issue in this realm and SharePoint includes tighter security through record management. Audit and compliance logs via Office 365 and On-Premises will beef up the security in this area. SharePoint in Australia is at an exciting stage in its continuing development; and it is powering more and more of our top businesses.

There are alternatives to Microsoft SharePoint Technologies in the market and some of these are: Google for Work, Huddle, Box for Business, Confluence and Intranet Connections. Something like 5 million businesses employ Google for Work as their collaborative platform. It is a more affordable technology than Microsoft SharePoint. Whereas Huddle is more expensive and uses SharePoint technology itself to function. Confluence is owned by Atlassian and is a cloud based platform. Whatever intranet technology your business chooses it will improve planning, design and the deployment of business tasks within your enterprise. The architecture inherent within these programs create huge business efficiencies for the management of your organisation. The working environment for your staff will be greatly enhanced and productivity increases are what this is really all about.

3 Benefits Of Using Solar Powered Computers

solar powerSolar power has been becoming more popular these days. Thanks to the increasing price of electricity, people becoming more aware of the harmful effects of greenhouse gases, and many other factors. One thing is for sure; solar energy will soon be adapted thanks to companies pushing to go forward with solar.

Let’s dig deeper. We do know how people are being dependent on using a computer. Do you know that there are solar powered computers being sold in the market today? Although, they are not as famous as their touch-screen counterparts, one thing is for sure. Companies are becoming conscious about what people are looking for.

To give you an overview, take a look at the three benefits of using solar powered computers:

Electricity Bill Going Down

First thing first, you will be able to see for yourself your electricity bill going down compared to when you are using electricity from your main outlet. This is perfect for those who are considering the idea of lowering their monthly expenses much during these times when things are bit tough and the economy is slowly improving.

No Need To Worry About Losing Power While Working

What would happen if you are at home or somewhere when power suddenly went off. Then, you are doing a project or work. For sure you will be pissed off to know that you lost like half of what you have worked on. This would not be the case. Why? The sun is consistent. You will get power once the sun is there. Having the solar panels, you have stored energy right there and then. Sounds like a good thing, right?

No Noise In Collecting Power

Unlike with generators powered by diesel, they can be very noisy. The good thing with solar energy is that there is no noise at all. You can have peace and quiet while the solar panels are absorbing energy from the sun. You will not be disturbed or anything. You have the power you need.

There is one good example of solar computers being invented. It’s a computer and it’s solar powered! The model name is Samsung NC2155. It was launched way back in 2011. It was priced below $400. Other companies do offer similar laptops. Some have a structure, flap-like. This serves as a solar panel. They can be attached or removed. It depends on the owner.

Another thing with these solar power computers is that they do have other features similar to their electrically powered counterparts – you can access the Internet, and have GPS in them. It is a bold move on the part of Samsung to come up with this kind of laptop. However, the future might be uncertain. Since other companies are focusing on improving the physical and software features instead of going for environment-friendly computers.

It may take time for companies like Samsung to come up with a much better version but hey! Good thing they started it all to make us fully aware of the possibility.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2015


The internet has become a dangerous place to be if the user is un-protected against the most dangerous and complex types of online threats. Many internet users get attacked and affected by cyber criminals resulting in loss or theft of their personal and confidential information. In such worsening situation, it is important to use effective, non-stop and reliable protection for the computer against all types of threats either from removable media or from the internet. The use of a robust and effective antivirus software keeps the information and data stored on the computer safe and secure.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 is the first line of defense of the computers, the latest edition of the antivirus software has proven it worth by blocking, detecting and safely removing the most advanced, complex and smartly created internet based threats. Designed and made by the famous Kaspersky Lab famous for many other cyber security products, the latest edition of the antivirus software has displayed one of the highest detection rates in all the independent tests conducted to determine its efficiency and usability.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 - Antivirus PriceThe antivirus engine of the security software is more robust and effective in detection and removal of both new and existing types of threats. There are times when dangerous malwares can prompt a user to pay money for the end-user to log in to the computer or even use the computer applications. This type of block is put to extract ransom from the end-user and there is no guarantee that after paying the end-user will get access to the computer and its information safe and secure. This type of cyber security attack is a growing concern for the home users and businesses. To make sure such attacks are prevented Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 provides reliable protection against the screen lockers.

The team at Kaspersky Lab constantly works at providing regular updates to the licensed users all over the world that keeps the security software ahead of its competitors.

In addition, many times users come across the fraudsters who manage to steal their personal data and information. These cyber-criminals also manipulate and misuse the victim’s identity and financial details. This can wreak havoc on the victim’s life and leave them helpless. The anti-phishing engine of the Kaspersky antivirus helps to defend and protect the users against such phishing attacks. Unlike other antivirus software, the Kaspersky Antivirus 2015 has a light interface that is user-friendly. It displays the status of the computer with multiple options to conduct different type of scans. These scans help in determining the actual state of health of the workstation and the security loopholes that require the user’s attention.

Overall, the antivirus software uses less computer resources and provides non-stop protection to the workstation working in the background. However, like any other software the antivirus security software can also develop technical problems due to different reasons. These technical problems can create trouble in getting non-stop and effective protection for the computer. Therefore, it is important for the licensed end-user to make sure that the antivirus technical problems are resolved on time and addressed by trained and certified professionals.